We from bildspur helped the team of this boat to create the light concept which was very flexible. It is controllable from remote and it is able to light the boat with every rgb color to match the other ships.


The idea of the boat was to represent an iceberg which is melting over time. We used a special material for the surface which had an ice-like structure. The multi color leds helped to match the right color of the iceberg.

It was great to be part of such interesting engineering project!

Lukas Scheibmayr
Nicole Müller
Yannick Fortiguerra
Jan Stöckl
Yves Keller

Florian Bruggisser

Diamond Messages - Smoke And Mirrors

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The Wasserlicht was an interdisciplinary project of the HSLU (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts) where architects, building engineers and others are involved to create a boat which crosses the local river.